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Vampire France X Male Reader Part Three

   "GAAH!!" you screamed as you jolted out of bed. You panted and looked around the room, but saw nothing unusual.

   "It was just a dream..?! Man, that was one hell of a scary dream!" you laughed to yourself nervously. Then, you turned on the radio next to your bed and it said: "The vampire has struck again!"

   Your eyes widened in horror and your breath was caught in your throat.

   "Yesterday, Jennifer, a high schooler, had her throat almost literally ripped out. There was blood everywhere and then when everyone fled, about a minute later there was NO blood at all! Was it really a vampire? Or just a sick man that decided to go after girls? You decide."

   Then, you turned off the radio and your head fell onto the pillow, and then you started to sob. You just couldn't hold it any longer.

   At first, you had hated your life. Just the boringness of reality, so then you wished on a shooting star that your life would become more exciting, and then right after that your best friend was found dead, his chest ripped open.

   It was all your fault, all of it. Mathias, Emil, Lukas, Yao, and now Jennifer. To be honest, you actually liked how annoying Mathias and Jennifer were. And how strict Yao, your old neighbor, was about not walking on his lawn.

   And how Emil and Lukas called you crazy. All of it.

   "I-I'm sorry..." you whimpered into your pillow. "I didn't know this would happen, I'm so, so sorry... I don't think God will ever forgive me..."

   Why? Why? I didn't know this would happen, I didn't mean to... you thought as you sobbed into the pillow, unaware of the shadow looming over you.

   Arms wrapped around you and fear struck you almost instantly. HE was back, and you were not in the mood to panic and struggle like you would've at any other time.

   "What's wrong, mon cher?" asked the vampire Frenchman. "Nothing, now go away." you growled at him, hiding your fear. "'Zere is something wrong, mon cher. I can tell. Now tell me what's wrong." he said, stroking your face gently.

   Tears welled up in your eyes again and you bit your lip to stop from crying like a coward. Crying was weakness in your family's eyes, so you NEVER cried in front of people.

   The vampire could tell you were about to break into tears, and then he pulled you closer to him in a protective and comforting way. "It's okay to cry, you know." he said, stroking your head.

   I feel so stupid... This is NOT cool... you thought. "No..." you said, rolling over to face him.

   You were on the verge of tears now, and it would all be seen by this monster before you. Why did he want you? Why did he ruin your life? What had you done to deserve this?

   He kissed your forehead and looked right into your warm (eye color) eyes. "Mon cher, I don't like it when you're sad. Now tell moi what's wrong." he said gently, so gently that you nearly came right out and told him.

   "W-why would you care about me? Besides, you killed all of the people close to me, so why do you even follow me around when I just KNOW you're gonna kill me?" you asked him.

   "I care about you, because you're... how do you say it in English? Unique? Something like that. You're beau,(beautiful) unusual, and I just want you to be mine." he said.

   I-I'm.... unique? Since when?! you thought in shock. "I-I-I d-don't know what to say..." you murmured.

   The vampire smiled and whispered in your ear "Je t'aime." Does that mean... "I- Sir-"

   "Just call me Francis, (Fav Male Name)." he said, kissing your cheek and making you redder than a tomato. "H-how do you know my name?!" you asked. "I read your journal whenever you weren't in the house~" purred Francis.

   "Y-y-y-you what?!" you whimpered, blushing massively and thinking that you were going to die. Long story short: you wrote poems in that notebook and sometimes you drew pictures in there, most that you would murder certain people like Gilbert if they ever saw.

   "And a few days ago, I heard you singing. Who would 'ave known how beau your voice sounded~?" he purred. "OH. MY. GOD." you said out loud, burring your face into the pillow to avoid Francis's gaze.

   He KNOWS my secret. Oh God... Oh GOD... you thought, groaning as Francis stroked your head gently. "(Fav Male Name), there's no reason to be ashamed. They were beautiful." said Francis.

   "Meeeeeeehhhhhhh....." you groaned. Francis stroke his hand gently against your neck, and then he asked "Please?"

   Your head came up and you knew exactly what he meant. "Will I be turned into a vampire?" you asked. "Non, you'll just live forever, like moi~ And you'll be officially mine." said Francis.

   "What about the others you had bitten? Are they yours too, or..." "Non, because  sucked their blood dry. I promise I won't do that." he said.

   "Well, okay, I guess." you said after a few seconds. He then quickly pinned you down to the bed, and then you got a little more than afraid. "Relax, mon cher. I just like to have dominance over my victim, nothing bad will happen to you." said Francis.

   "O-okay..." "This might hurt a bit.." he said before he licked your neck, making you blush like a uke. "Just relax and everything will be okay."

   Suddenly, you felt fangs puncture your soft neck skin and you gasped a little. You felt the blood be sucked out of your body, but you just closed your eyes and tried not to think about anything else but Francis.

   Then you started to daydream about him doing it with you, and then your we-know-what got hard. Francis suddenly pulled away, licking up the blood. Still with your eyes closed and in your daydream land, you moaned in pleasure with a light perverted smile on your face.

   "(Fav Male Name)?" asked Francis, amused. Your eyes flew open and then you just realized what happened. OH GOD, WHY?! WHY DID I DO THAT?! you thought as you blushed in embarrassment.

   Suddenly, the door opened and there stood a girl two years younger than you, with (eye color) eyes, and (hair color) hair. She was (Your name), your sister. "(Name)! I-It's not what it looks like..!!" you said.

   She stood there for a moment, then she pulled out a camera and said "Can you do poses for me?" "NO. OUT. NOW." you growled, getting out from under Francis and shoving her out, slamming the door literally in her face.

   "That perverted yaoi lover." you growled, turning to Francis. "She was gonna ask us to get naked!" Francis chuckled lightly. "You 'ave a very interesting sister." "And a idiot at that." you replied back, knowing her ear was up against the door.

   "But you're the only one for moi~" purred Francis, getting up and pulling you close to him. "Francis..." you murmured before you and Francis French kissed romantically. You heard fangirl squealing and then you two pulled apart to see the door wide open and (Name) standing there with her best friend standing there, and your sister had a filming camera.

   "I got it~!" she cried, while her best friend ran away in horror as you grabbed a shoe. "LEAVE!" "I'm not going anywhere- GAH!! I'M GOING, I'M GOING!" she screamed as you chased her with a shoe.

   You came back and saw that Francis was waiting for you. "Bonjour, mon cher~" he purred as he came up to you. "Sorry about that little incident, I swear, she's gonna get murdered because of her stupidity some day." you said.

   Francis chuckled and then said "She reminds me of Elizaveta." "Who's Elizaveta?" you asked. "Someone I did NOT used to know~" he purred. You giggled and then you two kissed again, except this time was just as romantic with NO distractions and with me spying on you from the ceiling with a camera.  

   THE END~    
:iconsupersexyfranceplz: I'm gonna write a Sufin fanfic next, (hopefully..) enjoy your vampire Frenchie~

France- Himaruya
You and Male you- Your mom
The camera I stole belongs to :iconfirejapanplz: ...He is NOT happy that I stole his camera.. anyways, BYE~!
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pinkpony28 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
I think that Kiku doesn't mind that you stole his camera, once he sees what you took a picture of.
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Lol XD
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omg imma be up on the ceiling with u fangirling
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Loved it hey Kiku I have a camera we can share :camera:
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lol i really love the last crossed out sentence.
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The Sis of Male!Me IS totally me!! xDD
Bwahahaha.... :iconyaoifangirlplz:
AndromSerket Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
XD I think I lived out this part except it was my cousin!!
lypstyck Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Who's your cousin? Your best friend? Okay, now I sound like a nerd... ;A;
AndromSerket Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
My cousin was the one me and my friend were taking photos of XD
lypstyck Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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